Minster Walk

During the summer we walked in Minster, the main reason we had all been there the evening before and had left a car there to be collected.

Mark Linda Geoff & I set off from Way Hill Minster around 11am, leaving our car with the one to be collected outside our friends house.

The route was through Minster village then along footpaths through various fields, along by the river and backwards and forwards across the railway line. Its too difficult to plot the course as we just took whatever paths came our way & felt in the right direction. (How exciting/ how adventurous were we, Christopher Columbus had nothing on us !)

Some parts were tough going, with deep grass and stinging nettles to push through.

I don’t know how many times we crossed unmanned crossings, each one as scary as the next, there was one that was in the middle of a ‘close ‘ blind bend in each direction, how crazy is that ??

I think we did roughly a 8 mile circular walk, stopping for a sandwich in the farmers field among his crops.  (Don’t panic) We didn’t squash his crops, there was a bare patch to put the picnic rug. Most of the time there was light rain, which actually was quite refreshing as the air was warm and muggy.

I was wearing my new purchase the Trespass VASP Hiking Hip Waist Pack Bum Bag with water bottle, I didn’t want to carry a daypack so I bought this and it worked well, plenty of pockets and easy to reach water bottle at the back.

Minster daisy Minster Walk IMG_0206

We also stopped at Minster church Linda and Mark were married in… ahh sweet.

Lots of wild flowers en-route.  I have just bought two little books to take with us next time, so we can identify the trees and wild flowers (I know I am an anorak !!) I just like to learn something new, they say it keeps the mind active.

It was good to get out in the fresh air and stretch the legs, although tired at the end, I think its because of the late night the evening before, not that we are not fit enough..yet !

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