May Bank Holiday

The May Bank Holiday weekend arrived, a chance to get a few days walking practice in.  It was a lovely day although a little chilly in the wind, layers were the answer.

A friend and I walked in to Broadstairs, which is a round trip of about 8 miles and usually takes about 3 hours.. however, such a lovely day when we reached Broadstairs we thought we’d stop for a glass of wine (well it was ‘nearly’ mid-day!). It was bliss we sat in the sun looking out to sea, chatting away and to all the people around us, finally heading back a hour few and glasses of wine later.. I think the wine may have undone all the good work of the walk !

Stone Bay Beach Broadstairs
Ballards Wine Bar Broadstairs

Sunday jobs at home so sadly didn’t get a chance to get a walk in.  Bank holiday Monday six off us set off on a walk into the Kent countryside, two of our friends do this quite often so they were the group leaders.  Geoff Mark Linda & I just boldly followed.

They had us crossing fields of sheep, the cute little lambs came running up to greet us.  (Hopefully Mark has a picture I can add in here) We followed footpaths across numerous fields, we wandered through woods in the dappled sunlight.  We stopped for a picnic on a hillside with the sheep (!) looking out across the Elham Valley.

We came through Barham where the high waters of earlier in the year were still leaving their mark and flowing through under the bridge at quite a pace.

Bridge at Barham

It felt quite a tough day with all the hill climbs and descents, we are not used to this as our coastal walks are relatively flat. So we walked 10.9 miles uphill & down dale as they say.

The drink at the Jackdaw was most welcome, along with the toilets !

Great day looking forward to the next one.

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