October Sunshine

The weather had been dreary all week but the weekend held promise of bright Autumn sunshine.  It didn’t disappoint…

I set off just before 10am collecting three friends at various points en-route, it really was a lovely day, bright skies, sunshine and no breeze, it was so nice I constantly mentioned it (annoying I know) but it really was !  You have to bear in mind it was late October after all and the clocks would change that night.

We walked our regular route along the cliff tops of Kingsgate past the golf course, chatting away, we didn’t think we were being loud but a voice shouted hello through the trees and bushes…it was Lindas husband, I mean what are the chances ??  We headed up the steep hill past cabbage field and the lighthouse, this always makes us puff not because of the cabbages but the gradient of the hill.  We pick up Janine in Broadstairs and go across a green to a little cut through, I know we are supposed to be out exercising but we try to save ourselves a few steps when we can.  We were greeted by a large poodle which made us all jump, (engrossed in chit chat) it was over excited at the thought of four new playmates.. we were having none of it !

The sun was getting warmer as we walked onto Dumpton from where we could see France quite clearly across the channel then reaching Ramsgate and climbing the steps up to the esplanade we stopped for lunch in a Victorian (I would guess) shelter in the warm sunshine to eat our picnic lunches.  I would say I think some less savoury people had used it before, judging by the ‘aroma’ drifting around…

We ambled back through Ramsgate taking the high route round the harbour, well, I mean, who wants to walk back down the steps you had come up not that long ago !   We met a chap collecting coal from the beach, yes really, apparently it washes up from the Goodwin Sands, from years ago when the mine at Timanstone was still in operation they moved the coal by sea, loosing some as they sailed along (Another who’d have thought moment) not sure if this is true or not but it sounded feasible.  He told us he collected for an elderly neighbour to use after it had dried out.

We decided to stop at Ballards in Broadstairs and enjoy a well earned glass of wine, well share a bottle actually, the sun was still out and quite hot, all very civilised and enjoyable.

Sue and Linda


We headed home stopping briefly to watch the sailing club going out for what looked like lessons.

Sailing Club

Dropping the girls off en-route.  I was nearly home and rounded the corner to be met by four large huskie dogs taking their owner for a walk, we were stopped in out tracks as there was a loud clatter across the road, a red sign from outside one of the shops was hurtling down the road with a small dog attached to the front of it and being chased by six people trying to stop it including the lady who thought she had tied her dog up safely ..it was very funny, should have grabbed my camera and made myself £250 on you’ve been framed !



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