Out of hibernation

We decided we needed to get out walking at the weekend, it really had been way too long since we last did a long distance walk. We couldn’t have picked a more beautiful crisp bright winters day.  We prepared our walking gear the day before (or so we thought) we were organised enough to also prepare everything ready to throw in the slow cooker so we’d return to a delicious chowder. We never feel like cooking after a long day walking.

So Sunday we were up a bit later than anticipated, got all our gear together and were about to set off when we realised we didn’t have any bottles of water, so would need to make a stop en-route, so we weren’t quite as prepared as expected. It’s funny how quickly you forget all the little bits and bobs that make a walk more comfortable.

Needles to say the first stop for water also included a little treat, a jammy donut each, just for energy of course.  Here I am waiting for my donut.. I look at pictures online of people looking all trendy and athletic for their walks, this is the reality of what one really looks like when dressed for a winter walk. (frumpy)


There were numerous people out walking and cycling, dogs and children everywhere enjoying the sunshine, we did our usual cliff top walk along past Kingsgate Castle to Stone Bay, as you some down the steps there you turn the corner and are always greeted with a fabulous beachy view. The tide was on its way in and their was a bit of wind so sea was choppy, love to see it like this.

IMG_1025[1] IMG_1028[1]

We walked on to Ramsgate Harbour where we stopped for our lunch, flask of hot soup and an apple just enough, although the smell of fish and chips from across the road was very tempting !


Much cooler on the return as the sun started to dip away and a sea mist started to roll in along the coast. Misty passing North Foreland Golf Club.

North Foreland

Stone Bay 09

All in all a good start to the walking season.

Here’s the route:



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