Training walks – Birchington to Reculver

Bank Holiday Monday gave us an extra day to walk, the plan was to walk Birchington to Reculver and back, this would have been a good long walk and given us plenty of practice.  It’s not the most interesting walk as about 3 miles of it are along the sea wall.  Once again it was very windy, although this time the sun was out so quite pleasant.  Whilst walking along we started to discuss the option of picking up part of the Viking Coastal Trail after Reculver, out to St Nicholas and find our way back along footpaths to Minnis Bay. We had no idea what mileage this would give us, but we went for it anyway, it’s so much nicer to do a circular route rather than linear and having to retrace your steps homebound.

We stopped briefly at Reculver and called into the visitor centre to pick up a map of the trail.


We then followed the route along the country road past Brooks Farm, then along the long footpath that runs next to the Thanet Way until we reached the turn off into St Nicholas, then walked along side the river, where the ducks would suddenly make a noise and make me jump.

River at St Nicholas

We then found a long footpath leading all the way back to the sea wall just outside Minnis Bay. We timed the walk just right, by the time we were finishing our ice creams the weather had clouded over and was much cooler and looking like rain. This walk turned out to be just over 10 miles.

So we have a biggie planned for next week, Canterbury to Dover which is just under 20 miles.


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