Camping …moi??

Apparently yes…. hiking sounds like a cheap holiday but you would be surprised how accommodation costs escalate over 12 days staying at B & B’s and hotels. So ‘Geoff’ thought camping would be the answer… admittedly I did agree sucked in by the thought of sitting around the camp fire reliving the day over a glass of wine… and we have some friends who love the relaxed laid back nature of it and I am a hippie at heart. So we did plenty of research to find items required staying within our remit of lightweight packing. Downside anything ultra light is on the pricier side. This change of plan also involved many hours in front of the PC again finding campsites en-route and re-doing the routes via google maps. We  have a split of B & B’s and campsites we decided to stick with the owners who had been particularly accommodating with regards sorting out evening meals and packed lunches for us… some even offered to pick us up if we were tired. The items we have settled on are the MSR Mutha Hubba NX tent weighs just 2kg and fits in Geoff’s rucksack. The tent goes up in about 2mins ( there is a short YouTube video, always helpful). Then we bought very lightweight air mattresses the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite.  We originally thought, no cooking bits and pieces, we have no plans to Wild Camp so there should be a small shop bar restaurant on site or close by… Then we mulled it over more and thought it might be nice to be able to make a hot drink which progressed to making a simple breakfast before setting off each day, we we invested in the MSR Windboiler stove. Mutha Hubba NX Jetboiler Neo air Weirdly it seems a bit more of an adventure now… odd as its only Northern France not Outer Mongolia ( does that still exist?) Now I know some of you are thinking the money spent on that lot means nothing saved..ha you’d be wrong.. we will still save money this trip but by the time we get to Rome we estimate we will save in the region of £2,500 ! So camping it is and whoever said I was high maintenance ?!?!


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