Foggy walk

We managed to get out Sunday morning for a quick walk to Kingsgate Bay in Broadstairs and back.  Not great weather, we set off in dense fog which cleared a little than increased along the coastline.


Cliff path past Botany Bay


Kingsgate Bay


At one point visibility was down to 50 yards… there were some people trying to play golf at North Foreland as we passed by…I’m thinking dangerous, they couldn’t see where their ball was heading …

I love these little cottages at Kingsgate Bay, I notice this one is available for holiday rental..(Too close to book and stay ?? or is it ???)


Napier Cottage Kingsgate Bay

We took a short cut through part of Northdown Park looking very Autumnal.


I don’t like spiders but the cobwebs looked amazing highlighted by  the dewdrops, it was surprising how many, the bushes and shrubs were covered in them.


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