First ‘real’walk of the year

I say ‘real’ walk as it was more than a gentle stroll along the cliff tops to Broadstairs and back, no longer does this 8 mile round trip seem a challenge.  Although this is only a few miles longer it does make a difference.

We set off after breakfast meeting up with Mark & Linda en-route, our walking buddies… we fall into our usual formation without giving it a thought, Mark and Geoff striding ahead and Linda & I at a slightly slower pace behind, this only changes when the guys are in full Camino training mode and are carrying their rucksacks, its noticeable that this slows them up.

It was a cool winters day with the threat of rain at mid-day, storm clouds on the horizon most of the way to Ramsgate, the turnaround point.

Storm clouds

Just as we approached Ramsgate there were a few spits of rain which came to nothing but no worries as we entered Pizza Express for lunch, the excuse was I had a voucher, after a tasty lunch a glass of wine and a good chat set off home, surprisingly chilly when you first come out of the warm restaurant, so hoods up… took the high road for the return rather than along the prom, change of scenery and all that.

We got home before dark (always a good thing).  I was really nice to get out walking again, makes you realise how much you miss it.

This link should take you to a map of the route (or not if I haven’t done it correctly !)


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