Two days in a row…

Last weekend saw our first double day of walking, the forecast was good and the diary was free (we made it).

We set off on Saturday in the opposite direction to usual, Cliftonville to Minnis Bay its about a 14 mile round trip along the coast. We chose to do this on the Saturday as the weather was supposed to be the better of the two days.  It always seems the gloomier route as is not into the sun and part of the prom seems very dingy, its probably not really but it does always seem brighter when you walk in the other direction.

So a lovely clear bright start, showcasing nature, the colours of the berries were striking..


The tide was in so we decided to walk on the cliff top all the way to Margate harbour.  At the top of Fort Hill the route stretches out ahead of you.

Margate seafront

Towards Birchington


Shame about the tower block on the seafront but apart from that its a good view round the coast you can see as far as the Reculver Towers.  Reculver is our really long walk that we have to build up to, its 21miles round trip.

We crossed the beach a Margate and headed along the prom 90% of the way to Minnis Bay, by this point we were really hungry and had planned to stop at the Minnis for something to eat, so we didn’t have anything else with us except water and jelly babies. (they are our mid-afternoon sugar boost). But, the Minnis was closed for refurbishment, argghh… the only other café we’d passed was miles back… so with no choice we turned around with rumbling tums and headed back to the café.

We passed plenty of dog walkers, cyclists and families out for a stroll.  Lots of birds along the way too, all enjoying the winter sunshine.

Birds on rocks

Iconic  Sunbathing birds




How pleased were we to reach the café…. we had planned on something relatively healthy, soup and a roll but couldn’t see it on the menu, so settled on a plate of chips each.. They are tasty when you eat them but half an hour later they really sit heavy on your tum, we always regret the choice.

As we got up to leave the back of my knee was seized, felt like a bit like a strain as if I’d been walking flicking my legs (I’m sure I don’t actually walk like this )…it suddenly looked a long way home at the pace I had to hobble, luckily it eased and we made better progress getting home late afternoon and before dark, always a good thing.

It really was good to be out in the fresh air all day, walking and chatting and time to ourselves.  We were pleased not to be out Saturday evening, we are always windswept and shattered following a long walk.

We were up at a reasonable time on Sunday and set off for our second walk of the weekend, the other direction this time, Cliftonville to Pegwell, a regular of ours, its about a 15 miles round trip, give or take a bit.  We didn’t worry about taking and food for lunch I had already decided we’d be stopping on the return at Prezzo in Broadstairs, another regular of ours.

The forecast wasn’t as good, although mild it was due to be cloudy and overcast all day with a possible shower around 11’ish. We didn’t take sunglasses (a mistake).. that’s the trouble when you first get back out walking after a break you forget that you should put all the things you ‘may’ need in your daypack not just bits and bobs.

It was sunny and bright for a fair amount of the walk and very mild for the time of year.  We didn’t make it to Pegwell, this time it was Geoffs trapped nerve in his leg that made us turn around at Dumpton rather than carry on and possibly make things worse (we really do need to improve our fitness!)

Broadstairs cliffs                       Black & white

From Dumpton it was just a hop, skip and a jump to Prezzo for the ‘salad’ however this is what we actually had !!

Handmade burger

All in all a good weekend walking, roll on the next one…

Bye for now.

S x

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