Chilly February Walks

I decided I had to walk to work the last two days of this week.  I have suffered all week with ‘gym guilt’ i.e. you’ve paid your membership (a fortune) so you should be going but for all sorts of little reasons you don’t, any old excuse in fact, then you suffer ‘gym guilt’.

I did go on Monday after work to a Yoga class, a very relaxing one at that, best nights sleep I’ve had in months but it hardly counts as a good workout at the gym. Although with all the slow stretching I did feel taller when I left !

So both mornings were bright with a light breeze but absolutely flipping freezing, I should have worn a hat, barely warmed up by the time I had reached work.  As always its good to walk, it even looked like spring may be around the corner. Now it will probably snow because I have said that !

The final weekend of February we decided to walk to Ramsgate on the Sunday, just over a 10 mile round trip. My goodness it was cold and very windy, stopped us in our tracks at some points.  The sun poked its head out briefly followed by an icy rain shower..lovely..not !  The sea looked fantastic though, real winter grey, moody and rough. The kite surfers were loving it.

Two pictures above taken on the way to Botany Bay

Looking towards Ramsgate Harbour.



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