January 8th 2017

img_2024Well, so much for a getting a 10 mile walk in on a Sunday …. we have been laid up most of the week with a nasty chesty cough virus that’s doing the rounds so haven’t felt up to much at all, we have barely been out of the house in days.

So when we woke Sunday feeling better than we have all week and to find the day looked bright rather than the fog that was predicted we decided to head out and get some fresh air.  We only walked a few miles to Kingsgate Bay then the weather started to change, the sun disappeared and it looked like rain, so we turned round to come home,  before the change in temperature made us start coughing again.  It was good to get out for some fresh though.



One thought on “January 8th 2017

  1. Sorry you weren’t fit enough to join us. We did the Plum Pudding Island circuit. Beautiful still weather even in the cloud – with gorgeous muted colours on the sea, sand and sky. See you out walking again properly soon.


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