January 15th 2017

Yesterday evening we watched a film called Mile..mile and a half a documentary about six friends walking the John Muir trail in America over 25 days..wow the scenery was ‘awesome’ ( I really hate that word)… but it did make us itch to get out walking.  So Sunday morning we were up bright and early, well as early as one does on a Sunday morning… and undeterred by the drizzle we put on our winter walking gear and headed out.

Although that horrible drizzle never stopped for a moment it wasn’t windy or as cold as it has been.  As they say there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothing, and I had my super duper cozy new winter parka on so I was toasty the whole way.

We walked to Broadstairs and back which is roughly an eight mile round trip.  The whole way we discussed future walks that we’d like to do this year, everything from one day walks with friends to those longer ‘expeditions’ of a week to two weeks, the really long ones…six weeks or longer will have to wait until we retire!





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