Via Francigena – Stage 2

We have decided to stop putting it off and embark on our second stage of this ancient Pilgrims route from Canterbury to Rome, we set off in the summer, giving ourselves plenty of time to get practice miles in.

We’ll pick up where we left of in Arras and hope to make it through to Reims, we plan this time to follow the old route more closely, so although its less direct the roads should be much quieter for walking and thus be able to enjoy the scenery more.

The plan is:

Arras to Bapaume  approx. 20 miles

Bapaume to Peronne approx. 20 miles

Peronne to St Quentin approx. 20 miles we have to detour from the original route into St Quentin as there isn’t any other accommodation en-route in the right location.

St Quentin to Villequier-Aumont approx. 20 miles

Villequier-Aumont to Suzy approx. 15 miles

Suzy to Vorges approx. 15 miles

Vorges to Pontavert approx. 20 miles

Pontavert to Reims approx. 20 miles

The longer distances should be fine as we’ll be carrying lighter rucksakes this time as we are staying at B & B’s and hotels along the route as there aren’t enough campsites in the right locations.





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