Mud, mud & more mud…

We set off today for a walk in the country with our friends Karen & Terry.  Our walk started our work near West Stourmouth, outside a very old church, luckily it was open so we were able to have a quick look round before commencing our walk.

img_2090It was a very overcast day, with quite a damp feel and as we left the paths of West Stourmouth and ventured onto the country tracks and into the fields it was MUDDY… now I am a bit of a townie and I don’t ‘do’ mud, in fact I’m a bit of a mud squealer… and today there was A LOT of MUD, so there was a lot of squealing, I did try to suppress it but sometimes it was so thick squelchy and disgusting I couldn’t help it as my boots sunk in  and I slipped around, my boots got heavier, my trousers got muddier..oh what fun !

Luckily there were some great views over the countryside and plenty of wildlife, cows and pigs.  A few large lakes surrounded with the wintery trees and shrubbery quite striking.  I think this 12 mile walk would make a pleasant hike in the summer and hopefully no MUD !

We walked through West Stourmouth, Wickhambreaux, Stodmarsh, Grove Ferry and a lot of MUD !


We most of the way either next to the Little Stour or the Great Stour, this is roughly the route, as some of the time I had no idea where we were, but it gives some sort of idea to the countryside covered.



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