How we became hooked on walking…

One sunny August afternoon, we sat having a glass of wine at a pub overlooking the sparkling blue sea at Broadstairs… our friend was about to turn 50 & he had decided he wanted an adventure. A few ideas we tossed about over the coming weeks then another friend suggested the Camino de Santiago.  We hadn’t heard of it, which now seems unbelievable, considering all the information there is available… I will tell you more about the Camino in later posts, but its the Camino that got us started. They say (whoever ‘they’ are) that the Camino is life changing, well it certainly has bought a very pleasurable pastime and has changed our lives.

My husband, Geoff and I started going for walks at the weekends with and various friends, not short stroll to the pub kind of walk, although there is often a pub stop along the way… generally we walk 8 or more miles each time. With the general view in the early days of training for the Camino. We now walk for ourselves, we love it, its great to be out in the fresh air for hours, no matter what the weather is.

I feel I could walk the world, it brings such freedom of the mind and takes you away from the ‘clutter’ of ever day life.

This Blog is a diary of walks we have done, maybe, you’ll want to get out there and walk too.


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