Cissbury Ring Walk

Away for the weekend with friends for the Valentines Ball Saturday evening … during the day we took a lovely five mile walk up and down the hills forming part of the National Trust Cissbury Ring. It was bright a sunny although a slight nip in the air.  Plenty of spring flowers starting to come out,  a welcome sight.

Even with a slight mist on the horizon the views were still spectacular, we could just see the cliffs at Beachy Head too.

I would certainly like to go back an do more walking in the area of West Sussex.


Mud, mud & more mud…

We set off today for a walk in the country with our friends Karen & Terry.  Our walk started our work near West Stourmouth, outside a very old church, luckily it was open so we were able to have a quick look round before commencing our walk.

img_2090It was a very overcast day, with quite a damp feel and as we left the paths of West Stourmouth and ventured onto the country tracks and into the fields it was MUDDY… now I am a bit of a townie and I don’t ‘do’ mud, in fact I’m a bit of a mud squealer… and today there was A LOT of MUD, so there was a lot of squealing, I did try to suppress it but sometimes it was so thick squelchy and disgusting I couldn’t help it as my boots sunk in  and I slipped around, my boots got heavier, my trousers got muddier..oh what fun !

Luckily there were some great views over the countryside and plenty of wildlife, cows and pigs.  A few large lakes surrounded with the wintery trees and shrubbery quite striking.  I think this 12 mile walk would make a pleasant hike in the summer and hopefully no MUD !

We walked through West Stourmouth, Wickhambreaux, Stodmarsh, Grove Ferry and a lot of MUD !


We most of the way either next to the Little Stour or the Great Stour, this is roughly the route, as some of the time I had no idea where we were, but it gives some sort of idea to the countryside covered.


Ramsgate & back…

A Saturday walk for a change, it looked very cold and windy outside as we were having breakfast…there is that moment when you both look at each other, that shall we stay inside or do we still walk look… we agreed still walk but we need to get off and out as soon as possible or we will change our minds.

So within no time we were wrapped up and out the door, it was surprisingly mild so we spent most of the day feeling over dressed and over heated… and more sunshine than we had expected which is always nice.

We walked to Ramsgate, turned around back to Broadstairs stopping for lunch in Prezzo, a delicious salad and an espresso (wine and Peroni, we’d earned it). It rained briefly whilst having lunch but cleared by the time we had left, although it had turned chilly as the sun went down.

Roughly and 10 mile walk.



Foggy walk

This Sunday we arranged to meet with friends Karen and Mark out at Weddington.  We left home in bright sunshine but within about 10 minutes we were in dense fog.. we slowly made our way over to them.

We wrapped up and headed off into the fog, never being able to see more than 50 yards in front of us.  We took the country roads and trudged through muddy fields from Weddington to Ash and on to Staple. Which apparently in good weather offers fabulous views to Chilenden.  We managed to find our way to the Black Pig Pub at Staple, lovely country pub, very busy, a kind chap gave up his table for us to sit and have lunch as he was just having a pint and was happy to sit at the bar… how kind. The food was very good and the wine slipped down easily !

The return walk from Staple past a vineyard might have been called Barnsole (?) back for a tasting in the summer I think.


Via Francigena – Stage 2

We have decided to stop putting it off and embark on our second stage of this ancient Pilgrims route from Canterbury to Rome, we set off in the summer, giving ourselves plenty of time to get practice miles in.

We’ll pick up where we left of in Arras and hope to make it through to Reims, we plan this time to follow the old route more closely, so although its less direct the roads should be much quieter for walking and thus be able to enjoy the scenery more.

The plan is:

Arras to Bapaume  approx. 20 miles

Bapaume to Peronne approx. 20 miles

Peronne to St Quentin approx. 20 miles we have to detour from the original route into St Quentin as there isn’t any other accommodation en-route in the right location.

St Quentin to Villequier-Aumont approx. 20 miles

Villequier-Aumont to Suzy approx. 15 miles

Suzy to Vorges approx. 15 miles

Vorges to Pontavert approx. 20 miles

Pontavert to Reims approx. 20 miles

The longer distances should be fine as we’ll be carrying lighter rucksakes this time as we are staying at B & B’s and hotels along the route as there aren’t enough campsites in the right locations.





January 15th 2017

Yesterday evening we watched a film called Mile..mile and a half a documentary about six friends walking the John Muir trail in America over 25 the scenery was ‘awesome’ ( I really hate that word)… but it did make us itch to get out walking.  So Sunday morning we were up bright and early, well as early as one does on a Sunday morning… and undeterred by the drizzle we put on our winter walking gear and headed out.

Although that horrible drizzle never stopped for a moment it wasn’t windy or as cold as it has been.  As they say there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothing, and I had my super duper cozy new winter parka on so I was toasty the whole way.

We walked to Broadstairs and back which is roughly an eight mile round trip.  The whole way we discussed future walks that we’d like to do this year, everything from one day walks with friends to those longer ‘expeditions’ of a week to two weeks, the really long ones…six weeks or longer will have to wait until we retire!





January 8th 2017

img_2024Well, so much for a getting a 10 mile walk in on a Sunday …. we have been laid up most of the week with a nasty chesty cough virus that’s doing the rounds so haven’t felt up to much at all, we have barely been out of the house in days.

So when we woke Sunday feeling better than we have all week and to find the day looked bright rather than the fog that was predicted we decided to head out and get some fresh air.  We only walked a few miles to Kingsgate Bay then the weather started to change, the sun disappeared and it looked like rain, so we turned round to come home,  before the change in temperature made us start coughing again.  It was good to get out for some fresh though.



January 2nd 2017

First walk of the New Year… with the promise that we must try to get out every weekend for a walk of at least ten miles… well that’s the plan…so watch this space.

We thought we’d start easy with a walk into Margate to see the Turner exhibition before it finishes.

It really was a lovely day for walking, bright and clear, although the wind was cool off the sea.  I took the opportunity to try out a new lens for my phone camera (a Christmas present). This was a short walk of about 3 miles but at least we got out there.



1066 Country

A weekend away in Battle in Sussex meant the chance to walk about 8 miles on the 1066 trail from the campsite we were staying at, Battle Normanshurst Court with our friends Mark and Linda.

 A pretty circular route through woods filled with bluebells, primroses, ferns and stunning rhododendron .  

The walk feels longer than the eight miles as you make your way up and down hills and through fields of cows. 

The turn around point was Battle Abbey, worth a look round (I’d done it a few years before)… 

So we headed along Battle High Street, to find much needed refreshment…a glass of wine, before making our way back.


Sarria to Portomarin

Follow my husband, Geoffs last week on the Camino de Santiago


Bedbugs and Blisters

For this leg of the Camino we were blessed with beautiful dry and sunny conditions all day – perfect for walking.

It is quite amazing to think that we have completed over 680Km of the Camino so far and today we will we reach the 100Km milestone from Santiago de Compostela.

The scenery was spectacular today, we crossed some stunning streams and rivers , many of which ran right across our path.

We all arrived in Portomarin within about an our of each other.Tom , who we left gingerly navigating a very steep down hill section first thing in the morning , somehow arrived before everyone else and was half way through his first beer when we arrived.

The original village of Portomarin was submerge following the construction of a dam back in the 1950’s , the church was then painstakingly moved stone by stone and taken to higher ground.

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